From images to information

We combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data analysis to transform earth observation images into information for decision support.

Artificial Intelligence


Thanks to our machine larning algorithms
we are able to combine all the data from
different sensors to have decision support
in critical and non-critical applications.

Machine Learning


In-cloud data elaboration platform tha uses
Artificial Intelligence to automatically
extract information.

Big Data


We connect different information and provide

a visual approach to data, suggesting
patterns and models of interpretation so
far unimaginable.


Latitudo 40 is an innovative start-up company that combines the skills and expertise of a large company with the passion and ability to innovate of a user centered design lean organization. Enhancing the 20 years experience of its founders in the ICT and Earth Observation fields, the company offers integrated solutions of geo-information in the cloud, based on images from earth observation satellites analyzed through innovative artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and big data analysis.



Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning we find complex correlations that are difficult to identify with traditional tools. Applying these techniques to satellite imagery and geospatial data sets allows us to offer powerful decision support tools, using multi-temporal or spatial analysis dashboards or building custom applications through our APIs. 


The Latitudo40 project was funded under the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020




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