QBT and LATITUDO40 present the new SmartArea service

11/01/2020 | NEWS

Latitudo40 joins the National Smart Communities Tech Cluster

04/10/2020 | NEWS

Two major challenges for the Latitudo40 team over the next six months: phase two of the Startup3 programme and participation in CDL Toronto Space Cohort

04/10/2020 | NEWS

European Commission Digital Innovation Challenge – Latitudo40 is among the three finalists after the co-creation Bootcamp

02/10/2020 | NEWS

Surprise ending for Innovation2Live, the ENERCOM Group’s open innovation call: 4 winners instead of 1 … and Latitudo 40 is among them!

28/07/2020 | NEWS

Vincenzo Vecchio and Gaetano Volpe are the founders of LATITUDO 40, among the startups selected in the WMF Online edition.

Their reality offers various services for the monitoring and analysis of satellite images which can provide useful information in different fields.

07/07/2020 | NEWS

LATITUDO 40 is pleased to announce the new collaboration with REXS.IO.

REXS.IO is designed to integrate seamlessly with the customer’s existing infrastructure by providing a secure, tamper-proof, blockchain based platform.

10/06/2020 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 and QBT collaborate to develop real estate applications

Latitudo 40 and Qbt announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced business insights from satellite imagery in Real estate analysis. The companies are collaborating to Integrate in a unique platform data for real estate investments.

21/02/2020 | NEWS

March 2020 – Startup Space at SATELLITE 2020: Meet This Year’s Contestants | Via Satellite

From images to information, Latitudo40 combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data analysis to transform Earth observation images into information for decision-makers.

21/02/2020 | NEWS

Latitudo40, during Paris Space Week, will have the opportunity to show, in one of the most important European stages of innovation in the space sector

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of the ten graduates of Esa innovationchallenge. Next Tuesday we will be on stage together with our friends and partners of Constellr

20/02/2020 | NEWS

Happy and honored to have won one of the 100 places inside Parsec Accelerator

A new and dynamic project carried out by a consortium of nine partners from seven European countries, , with EARSC as coordinator, with an in-depth expertise in business innovation…

14/02/2020 | NEWS

Enhanching Access to Earth Analytics

Once again we are featured on Geospatial World Magazine with an interesting article explain how to enhancing access to earth analytics.

14/02/2020 | NEWS

We are featured on New Space Hub Medium Blog

John Tucker’s interview to Vincenzo Vecchio about the features of Latitudo 40 and the EarthAlytics platform.

10/02/2020 | NEWS

Very proud to be a member of the European Startup Association.

Thanks to Christine for the interview where we discuss ho tow to give easy access to satellite images for everyone.

03/02/2020 | NEWS

 Latitudo 40 is really proud to have been accepted as part of the European Startup Association

We are sure this is a great opportunity to meet new partners, young startups and wonderful talents that will help grow our business.

17/01/2020 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 has won one of the four Regione Lazio’s awards, through LVenture’s Urban Tech WorkLab.

Latitudo 40 presented a platform that enables the search and processing of images produced by satellites for the Agritech and urban planning sectors.

19/12/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 on ViaSatellite – Space 2.0: Taking AI Far Out.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on ground and on orbit may forge a new era of information, with only the most relevant data increasingly brought forward.

05/12/2019 | NEWS

In the last issue of Geospatial World Magazine an interesting article explores the business model and technological vision of Latitudo40.

24/10/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 has been selected among hundreds of space startups in Europe for the Space Academy in Bremen on November 18-19 and then pitch at the Space Tech Expo 2019 in front of crowd funders, investors, human resource specialists and CEOs from corporates.

20/10/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 wins the first prize of “Hack the Cleos”, organized by E-GEOS, supported by Lazio Innova and ASI, a hackaton dedicated to the world of Geoinformations.

11/10/2019 | NEWS

With Latitudo40’s “EarthAlytics”, geospatial data is available with simplicity for agriculture, urban monitoring and real estate – When satellite technology helps companies...

01/10/2019 | NEWS

Between satellites and European funding: An interview that talks about the future. Podcast that takes you into space this week: with us Gaetano Volpe from Latitudo 40...

18/07/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 wins the first prize of the Open Innovation Challenge on “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Infrastructure Monitoring”.

17/07/2019 | NEWS

Artificial intelligence and big data for infrastructure monitoring.

Monitoring the structural integrity of buildings and large transport infrastructures, such as bridges, viaducts and dams, is a crucial aspect for preventing natural disasters and ensuring safety…

12/07/2019 | NEWS

The event, organized by DigitalGlobe, is dedicated to all the organizations that in recent years are aiming at the field of earth observation…

20/06/2019 | NEWS


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