Latitudo 40 is really proud to have been accepted as part of the European Startup Association

We are sure this is a great opportunity to meet new partners, young startups and wonderful talents that will help grow our business.

17/01/2020 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 has won one of the four Regione Lazio’s awards, through LVenture’s Urban Tech WorkLab.

Latitudo 40 presented a platform that enables the search and processing of images produced by satellites for the Agritech and urban planning sectors.

19/12/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 on ViaSatellite – Space 2.0: Taking AI Far Out.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on ground and on orbit may forge a new era of information, with only the most relevant data increasingly brought forward.

05/12/2019 | NEWS

In the last issue of Geospatial World Magazine an interesting article explores the business model and technological vision of Latitudo40.

24/10/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 has been selected among hundreds of space startups in Europe for the Space Academy in Bremen on November 18-19 and then pitch at the Space Tech Expo 2019 in front of crowd funders, investors, human resource specialists and CEOs from corporates.

20/10/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 wins the first prize of “Hack the Cleos”, organized by E-GEOS, supported by Lazio Innova and ASI, a hackaton dedicated to the world of Geoinformations.

11/10/2019 | NEWS

With Latitudo40’s “EarthAlytics”, geospatial data is available with simplicity for agriculture, urban monitoring and real estate – When satellite technology helps companies...

01/10/2019 | NEWS

Between satellites and European funding: An interview that talks about the future. Podcast that takes you into space this week: with us Gaetano Volpe from Latitudo 40...

18/07/2019 | NEWS

Latitudo 40 wins the first prize of the Open Innovation Challenge on “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Infrastructure Monitoring”.

17/07/2019 | NEWS

Artificial intelligence and big data for infrastructure monitoring.

Monitoring the structural integrity of buildings and large transport infrastructures, such as bridges, viaducts and dams, is a crucial aspect for preventing natural disasters and ensuring safety…

12/07/2019 | NEWS

The event, organized by DigitalGlobe, is dedicated to all the organizations that in recent years are aiming at the field of earth observation…

20/06/2019 | NEWS


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