Latitudo 40 has based its success on the organizational structure oriented to the principles of the lean organization in order to be close to the customer’s needs and to maximize the results of the activities carried out. This approach is applied not only to software development for customers, but also to research and development projects carried out within the R&D Lab, with the logic of developing the innovation project through a series of successive steps, the R&D sprint.

Features are added to each sprint and then verified in order to check if they are in line with the planned research objectives and with the needs of the possible reference customer (involvement of the customers as project stakeholders). The organization is based on the adoption of the Scrum Framework to adapt the software development process in a way that is consistent with the needs of the client or with the objectives of innovation and research. The organizational structure of a research project includes:


  •  Innovation Owner: represented by the figure of the coordinator of the entire innovation process in the interest of the company and its partners stakeholders involved, whose objectives are described in the Product Backlog. The innovation owner has time and budget management project and the constant comparison between research objectives and results. 
  • Innovation Master: usually identified at the level of the project and of a single development Work Package, it has the function of managing,
    coordinate and facilitate the achievement of research objectives. The achievement of the objectives is delegated to the innovation master
    of the single work package and the responsibility to eliminate obstacles and interferences that can slow down the activities and ensure
    the full application of the Scrum methodology. 
  • Innovation Team: represented by the research team of the project or of the single Work Package. This team is characterized by a
    wide operational autonomy in respect of the project vision and the achievement of the research objectives of the WP or
    project of interest.



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