Latitudo 40 is an innovative start-up that combines the skills and expertise of a large company with the passion and ability to innovate of a lean organization that bases its success on the principles of user centered design. Enhancing the experiences of its founders in the ICT and Earth Observation fields, gained in university research contexts and in large companies, and the background of experience, skills and abilities of our multidisciplinary team, the company offers integrated solutions of geo-information in the cloud, based on images from earth observation satellites and innovative algorithms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis.

In Latitudo 40 we strongly believe in the value that can be extracted from the images coming from earth observation satellites and we have made our utmost efforts to launch the EarthAlytics platform on the market which is able to transform pixels into information using an innovative and multi-sensor approach in a simple, effective and rapid manner in different application fields. We use a multi-sensor approach,  putting together in a single application platform data coming from the satellites, IOT devices installed in the field and from sources external to the organization (weather forecasts, statistics, erp, etc.). We process these data through artificial intelligence and machine learning to give them meaning and provide the needed information to make the right decisions at the right time, without having to be experts in earth observation.

Latitudo 40 is incubated within the Business Incubator Center of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center at the BIC LAZIO in ROME. The headquarter office is based in Naples.



+39 081 5605198


Via Gianturco 31/C Naples – Italy 
ESA BIC Lazio Innova,
Via Giacomo Peroni, 442/444 Rome – Italy