About Us

Latitudo 40 is an innovative startup in the field of Earth Observation, born from the passion, expertise, and experience of a team united by a common goal: to improve the planet through satellite technologies. We define ourselves as a lean organization, basing our success on the principles of user-based design.

Established in 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Naples Federico II, we have focused on a challenge from the start: to provide companies, government agencies, municipalities, and urban planners with a highly automated, easy-access cloud platform, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our support enables the making of informed, valid, and sustainable decisions for cities, populations, and the environment, by developing and valorizing an informative heritage of data that encourages the adoption of new operational models based on sustainability and resilience.

Data from Earth Observation satellites are integrated with contextual data from other sensors and models, such as weather, population distribution, and open data.

Who chooses our technologies?

Our technologies are used, directly or through digital system integrators, by governmental sector clients, cities, and companies in Italy and abroad. They have quickly attracted interest from significant deep tech investors and have won regional, national, and European awards and funding. Among our most notable deep tech investors are:

    Techstars, the world’s largest technology accelerator

      CRIF S.p.A.

        Expert Dojo,
        an American investment fund

          Eit Climate-KIC

            Our commercial collaborations with international entities have contributed to our growth. This has enabled our company to develop and include in our portfolio significant clients such as:

            Expertise, investments in the Space Economy, and data understanding:

            This is how we intend to create a better future.

            We firmly believe that a deeper understanding of economic, social, and environmental phenomena allows for more informed decision-making. This enables our world to change and evolve safely, thanks to initiatives that benefit the population, infrastructure, and the natural ecosystem.

            At Latitudo 40, we believe data comprehension is key to creating better living conditions now and in the future.

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              Creating these conditions is our team (see our team con link alla pagina team), composed of experts in science, technology, and business, characterized by a multidisciplinary approach that includes skills in

              •  ICT
              • Artificial Intellicence
              • Remote Sensing
              • Geospatial Analysis

              Today, companies, entities, and organizations across various industrial sectors share the common goal of rethinking their business and operational activities in terms of sustainability, resilience, and ESG principles. With Latitudo 40, it is possible to meet these needs.

              We offer specific responses and solutions for:

              • Administrations;
              • Managers of large electrical, railway, and road infrastructures;
              • Land and forest owners;
              • Companies in the proptech sector;
              • Financial Institutions.

              Our solution – thanks to innovative artificial intelligence algorithms – collects, integrates, and processes enormous datasets from satellite images, including Earth Observation data, to support decision-makers in activities such as:

              • Managing urban planning activities;
              • Making investments to enhance the capacities of cities to be resilient and sustainable, also in relation to the growing impact of climate change-related phenomena;
              • Optimal management of urban green infrastructures.