QBT and LATITUDO40 present the new SmartArea

NEWS | 11 – 01 – 2020




QBT and LATITUDO40 present the new SmartArea service from the collaboration between the two companies active in the Proptech and Space sectors. SmartArea demonstrates the full potential of Space-Based solutions applied to the Real Estate and Urban scenario analysis, offering a new tool capable of providing useful decision-support information. The project originates from QBT’s consolidated experience in the real estate analysis sector and Latitudo40’s geospatial analysis expertise based on the automation of satellite image acquisition and processing processes. The result is an innovative application solution, unique in the market. With algorithms for analysing high-resolution satellite images, it is possible to identify individual properties, starting from their address and calculating their surface area.

Smart Area is a powerful real estate tool for all those cases where the property is not registered at the land registry office or a real time update is required. Leveraging these unique features, Smart Area allows remote analysis of real estate properties and a substantial reduction in the time and costs associated with the process. All services are available to users in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode through an integrated platform in the cloud.

Users of the platform request specific information on real estate properties to be evaluated. The platform interacts, via API, with the backend offered by Latitudo40, which searches for the availability of images, checks the best ones in terms of cost and quality and downloads them into the data lake.

The platform automatically processes the images with specific artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, creating a complete information set for the property at the requested address. The process is characterised by fast processing and total automation, requiring no human intervention.

Smart Area can provide the service of:

  • verifying the property’s existence at the searched address;
  • estimating its surface in square metres;
  • providing the minimum distance between the provided coordinate and the nearest identified polygon in metres
  • providing the date of the acquired image for processing.

By evaluating historical images of the same building, it is possible to determine changes in the building over time, thus alerting potential building discrepancies.

The Smart Area service makes full use of the innovative features of the EarthAlytics platform developed by Latitudo40, with total automation of the image acquisition and elaboration processes, also through the use of machine learning and computer vision algorithms, and integration via standard API with external IT systems, with a zero-code approach.


QBT Company profile

QBT (www.qbt.ch) stands for Quantum Bit Technology.  We promote the idea of a company operating in the field of applied science.

We develop algorithms and computational software using dedicated hardware where necessary.

QBT’s three business areas are Fintech, Proptech and Legaltech.

Over the years, we have gained a strong experience in developing algorithms and software in the financial sector and in particular in the field of non-performing loans of both mortgage and unsecured nature, risk analysis, valuation of real estate assets and in the legal sector.

We have approached the development of our products both through traditional techniques, such as statistical analysis, and through the experimentation of new research areas, particularly through the use of behavioural models and agent simulation models.

QBT implements, on behalf of its customers, white-label or in-house products and services, investing in the projects we believe in, which stem from our research and development.





Latitudo40 (www.latitudo40.com) was created to make everyone access the enormous wealth of information contained in satellite images, produced in large quantities every day by over 300 satellites orbiting the earth.

To achieve the company’s vision, we developed an innovative cloud-based platform to automate all stages of the process and analyse the images using advanced computer vision algorithms based on ML/AI.

Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the user can consult useful information for decision support.  The platform offers a multi-temporal and multi-parameter analysis with spatial representation of the information.

Pre-defined APIs and Connectors are available to simplify adoption in enterprise contexts, with a “zero-code” approach.

Latitudo40 offers specific vertical applications in agritech, urban monitoring and real estate.

The platform offered by Latitudo40 delivers services in a completely Software as a Service logic, making it easy to develop new applications for our clients and partners.