European Commission Digital Innovation Challenge – Latitudo40 is among the three finalists after the co-creation Bootcamp

NEWS | 02 – 10 – 2020

After three days of intensive work with the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) team (  and the mentors of the Digital Innovation Challenge (,  Latitudo40 was selected, together with OpenContent and CleverBook, for the final phase of the competition.  In the co-creation phase, the Latitudo40 team worked to identify the integration model between the EarthAlytics platform and the available open solutions (Context Brokex, Blockchain and eDelivery). The open solutions will facilitate project scalability and information security. 

The project aims to offer a new model of services to citizens, public administrations and real estate investors to analyse and monitor urban environments. The product will be provided on the market with the UrbAlytics (Urban Analytics Simple) brand.

The final pitch, focused on the creation of an Index that measures the Quality of Urban Life convinced the jury (composed of the CEF team and external investors).

Latitudo40 will present the business idea and service model in the November ceremonial award, trying to win the first prize of 50,000 Euro.

Urbalytics is a solution that promotes greater transparency between public administration and citizens on the issues of sustainability and resilience, also taking into account the main themes of the SDG2030 sustainable development goals.

In the real estate sector, Urbalytics offers a powerful tool to support the analysis of investments, to identify areas with greater attractiveness or growth in quality of life.