The evolution of GeoInformation with the blockchain

NEWS | 10 – 06 – 2020

In Latitudo40, we firmly believe in continuous product and service innovation. For this reason, we have decided to explore the application of data notarization solutions through blockchain applied to our satellite image acquisition and processing chain. The goal is to certify for our customers the data and information provided, ensuring their immutability over time.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we have started a technical-commercial partnership with the startup (, with which we have begun the first contacts within the BlockStart programme, funded by the European Commission. creates a trust layer on top of your existing data layer. It does not require changes to existing data pipelines and IT infrastructure. The trust layer verifies that the data you own has not modified, serving as proof to third party consumers.
Latitudo40 will integrate the technology component, provided by, into the image and data processing chain to provide a secure, tamper-proof, blockchain-based platform.

In a transparent and fast way, all elaborations (from the original images acquired by our providers to the information layers processed by our algorithms) will be automatically authenticated and notarized within the blockchain, making them unchangeable.

In this way REXS.IO adds an additional level of reliability to the images that serve as input data for the analysis platform.

For the first time, a commercial geoinformation platform based on earth observation images integrates blockchain technology. The blockchain module will offer our company new development opportunities in the real estate, insurance and urban monitoring markets.  Thanks to the DLT implementation, platform users will always be able to verify that the information provided is generated from a solid and reliable source.