Artificial intelligence and big data for infrastructure monitoring


 NEWS | 12 – 07 – 2019




Monitoring the structural integrity of buildings and large transport infrastructures, such as bridges, viaducts and dams, is a crucial aspect for preventing natural disasters and ensuring the safety of people and property. In this context, one of the objectives to be pursued is to make non-invasive diagnostic tools available, able to provide detailed information on the state of conservation of the monitored structures and to detect risk factors.

On 17 July, the award ceremony will be held by the Lazio Region, through Lazio Innova, together with e-GEOS, the Telespazio and ASI companies. In particular, e-GEOS is interested in selecting innovative solutions that can support managers / owners / users of linear assets (railways, roads, technological networks) in signaling and monitoring activities of so-called “interferences”. The finalists have developed prototypes (mockups, applications, platforms) that will show the advantages of the proposed solutions.


Kuaternion: innovative startup that proposes a low-cost system for the low-frequency and high-frequency control of the planimetric displacements of the infrastructures based on the integration of low-cost GNSS sensors and information coming from the satellite constellations SENTINEL and CosmoSkyMED.

Jetware Srl: innovative startup that offers a monitoring tool capable of being applied to multiple types of infrastructures and data sources through “Digital Twins” (digital companions of physical objects connected to sensors).

Latitudo 40: innovative startup that proposes the monitoring of vegetation interferences that compromise the safety of power lines through an application that uses algorithms that decode both the optical data and the given radar.

Neural Research: innovative startup that proposes a neural video streaming platform capable of analyzing through machine learning data coming from sensors and integrating and analyzing satellite remote sensing data.

UrbyetOrbit: innovative startup that offers a satellite change detection service and automatic classification of infrastructure anomalies through an initial analysis carried out automatically using Sentinel2 satellite images (Open Data) and a second analysis with higher definition satellite images.

“Intelligenza artificiale e big data per il monitoraggio delle infrastrutture

The final of the Lazio Innova Challenge and e-GEOS


Wednesday 17 July, 9.30 am

E-GEOS Spa – Via Tiburtina 965, Rome