This Podcast (listenable at the link takes you into space this week: with us Gaetano Volpe from Latitudo 40. The Campania company uses intelligence artificial, machine learning and big data analysis to support the observation through the satellites of the terrestrial globe. The aim is to provide more tools to intervene in a more incisive way in solving problems related to today’s environmental challenges. But Gaetano does not only talk about space and satellites. He is also one of the coaches for two programs promoted by the European Commission: Horizon 2020 and Eureka. During the interview we will provide ideas to reflect on and some suggestions to put into practice.

Satellites: an expanding market
Latitudo 40 operates in the field of satellites and earth observation. An increasingly expanding area due to the increasingly low costs that allow private individuals to send their own vehicles into orbit. At the moment Latitudo 40 is focused on the instrumentation useful for observation of the earth using satellites of others, but Gaetano does not hide the future plans in the medium and long term. To know them and know what are the advantages of using satellites, listen to the podcast at the following link

European calls and coaching
Gaetano is also a coach for two of the programs promoted by the European Commission on business and innovation: the EMS Program and the Eureka Program. They are two actions fielded by Europe with very specific goals. Let Gaetano explain its features. Here we would like to emphasize that it is essential not to confuse the coach with the consultant. Gaetano defines the coach as “the devil’s advocate” because this figure is always ready to embarrass the assisting team. The goal is to bring out the weak points so that they can be converted into strengths. Coaching – Gaetano tells us – is not a practice that at the moment those who live in Southern Italy particularly appreciate: perhaps the reason is to be found in the indifference that often those who conduct a business at these latitudes have towards this type of figure. Gaetano with his work tries to reverse this trend given the concrete benefits that he sees in the following companies.

Finally, Gaetano advises us to keep an eye on the site where it is possible to register and find the most interesting tenders for those who want to innovate within their company. Browsing the offers will be less exciting than going into space, but certainly more profitable.

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